New York City Day 7 – 28. December

Hello Sunshine, MoMA & 3 Star Dinner

Again, Balthazar for breakfast: 

Wholewheat pancakes filled with eggs: 

Homemade donut: 

Wall Street: 

More after the click:

WTF?! I would never let my kid stand between the balls! :D


Spooky subway: 

Visiting MoMA! I really enjoyed this museum:

Klimt from Vienna:


In the evening we went to the three star restaurant Jean Georges:

Soup with frogs’ legs:

In our opinion, it was too expensive. The food was very good, but I had expected much more. We were a little disappointed of Jean Georges, or maybe just ‘spoilt’ by Steirereck‘ , the best restaurant in Vienna, which has two stars. 

But at least my Minx Mails matched perfectly with my gold-sequined bag! :D


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