New York City Day 6 – 27. December

Is This Real?

So etwas habe ich noch nie erlebt! Und New York seit 1947 auch nicht mehr.

Das berichtete ORF:

And that’s how we survived: we made photos of this craziness! :D

On our way to Balthazar:

We made it! 

I love the breakfast there: 

Cinnamon bun: 

More after the click:

My breakfast: 

With a litte help: 

It was so quiet in the streets, no signal-horns, no traffic. 

Opening Ceremony store: 

Sun, wind & snow: 

Me :D

Minx-Nails YES!! From Bliss Spa: 

Who can spot the fire hydrant?

Sneaker Pimps (my favorite band):

No cars go: 


How true: 

America’s first pizzeria est. 1905 – Lombardi’s Pizza – we went there for dinner:


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